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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Sarwar Branded as Inept as Grubby Tory COSLA Deal Backfires

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The SNP has labelled Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar as “inept” – after his “grubby” plan to cosy up with the Conservatives to control COSLA backfired.

It follows the appointment of Cllr Shona Morrison to the role of COSLA president – the first SNP councillor to hold the position.

Ms Morrison received 66 votes (50.38%) – made up of SNP, Green and independent delegates – while her opponent received 62 votes (47.33%) – made up of Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat delegates.

The vote contradicts Mr Sarwar’s pledge that his party would not be “doing pacts or deals or coalitions” with any political party.

Commenting, the SNP’s Depute Leader, Keith Brown MSP, said:

“This has been another embarrassing episode for Anas Sarwar and Scottish Labour.

“Their latest attempt to cosy up with the Tories to keep the SNP out has backfired spectacularly – and not for the first time.

“He and his Tory allies took the independents for granted and even considered supporting a Tory as COSLA’s finance spokesperson which speaks volumes about Anas Sarwar’s Labour.

“Instead of learning from the past and realising that nothing good can come from siding with the Conservatives in Scotland, Scottish Labour’s inept leader is doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

“The people of Scotland should be in no doubt: a vote for Labour in Scotland means a vote for grubby deals with the Tories.

“Neither can be trusted with Scotland’s future.”

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