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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Scots Tory Challenge – Vote to Protect Scotland Not Johnson

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Corrupt Tories need kicked out of office.

The SNP Westminster Leader has challenged Scotland’s six Tory MPs to vote to protect Scotland – not their corrupt leader Boris Johnson – as the crucial Commons vote takes place.

Speaking ahead of today’s (Monday) vote of no confidence in the UK government, Ian Blackford said:

“Scotland has had no confidence in the Tories since the 1950s and has been held back under Westminster control that continues to made deeply damaging decisions against Scotland’s interests.

“Failure to provide any meaningful help during the cost of living crisis that they created, imposing the most damaging Brexit on Scotland against our democratic will and partying in Downing Street at the height of a global health pandemic – it’s time to show this corrupt Tory government the door.

“Scottish Tory MPs face a clear choice today: they can vote to protect Boris Johnson or they can vote to protect Scotland.

“It’s that simple.

“Now more than ever, people in Scotland look on at Westminster in horror.

“A brighter future for Scotland – free from Westminster control – is only possible with the full powers of independence.”

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