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Scots Tory Minister Fails to Name a Single Brexit Benefit for Scotland

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The SNP has slammed a Scots Tory MP who failed to list a single benefit of Brexit when pressed in a TV interview this morning.

John Lamont MP, a Minister in Westminster’s Scotland Office, was challenged on the general principle that Brexit  – but was then quizzed by the BBC’s Martin Geissler on The Sunday Show to name a single one.

The Tory Minister was unable to do so – referencing only trade, which recent reports show has been hammered by Brexit to the tune of £2.2bn on exports alone, and the catastrophic Turing exchange scheme, which replaced the EU’s Erasmus scheme.

Commenting, SNP MSP Emma Roddick said:

“The Tories have a brass neck to proclaim to the people of Scotland that there are benefits of their deeply damaging Brexit – then fail to name a single one.

“Brexit has been devastating for Scotland – robbing our young people of the opportunity to study and work across the EU, soaring costs and paperwork for our businesses and hammering Scotland’s exports to the tune of £2.2 billion; all against Scotland’s democratic will.

“Only the full powers of independence can protect Scotland from the economic damage of Brexit and Westminster control by Tory governments that Scotland has rejected since the 1950s.”

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