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Scottish Election Results Too Close to Call With Two Days to Go

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SNP Leader John Swinney has called on the people of Scotland to reject more Westminster austerity cuts from the next Labour government by voting SNP on Thursday.
With two days until polls open, the result in Scotland is too close to call with the SNP and Labour neck and neck in many areas across the country.
Ahead of campaigning in the Highlands today (Tuesday 2nd), John Swinney has said only the SNP will stand up to Keir Starmer on more cuts, privatisation of the NHS and the failure of Brexit.
SNP Leader John Swinney said:
“There’s just two days until polling stations open, and across Scotland the result is too close to call.
“The result in England is a foregone conclusion and Keir Starmer will be the next UK Prime Minister.

“But in Scotland, the outcome is on a knife edge and every single vote will count.
“In the last few days of the campaign, we will be working hard to let the people of Scotland know that only a vote for the SNP is a vote to reject more austerity cuts from Westminster.
“Labour has baked £18 billion of cuts into their spending plans, they have promised to hold the door open to privatisation in the NHS and they are committed to Brexit – which has been a total disaster, especially in rural Scotland.
“If you want to say no to more austerity cuts from Westminster and ensure that decisions about Scotland are made in Scotland, then it must be SNP on Thursday.
“The SNP will be a strong voice for Scotland in Westminster, holding the Labour government to account and putting your interests and values first – but you have to vote for it.
“Vote SNP this Thursday and put Scotland first.”

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