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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Scottish Tories Should Come Out of Hiding on Cost of Living

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Douglas Ross must demand Westminster colleagues urgently.

The SNP has today called on Douglas Ross to “come out of hiding” and demand his Tory Westminster colleagues take action to address the urgent cost of living crisis affecting households across the country.

As inflation rises to record levels and energy prices soar, the Scottish Tory leader has been silent when it comes to calling for any action from the UK Tory Government – which holds the vast majority of financial levers which could be used to support families and households in need. 

This is in stark contrast to calls from experts and charities imploring Westminster to step up immediately.

This challenge to Douglas Ross follows a request from SNP Westminster leader, Ian Blackford, to recall parliament being rejected by Number 10 and a letter from the First Minister to the Prime Minister seeking an emergency meeting to agree steps to help people in need. 

Boris Johnson is yet to respond to those urgent calls.

Commenting SNP MSP Elena Whitham said:

“It is an utter disgrace that we’re facing a national financial emergency and Douglas Ross has been silent on the matter – he must come out of hiding and urge his Westminster colleagues to act now.

“If Douglas Ross maintains his apparent apathy on this crisis of his own party’s making then people across Scotland will justifiably deduce that he simply doesn’t care.

“The devastating circumstances facing families cannot be overstated and whilst the SNP in Holyrood is taking action with the powers at its disposal, it is indisputable that Westminster holds the majority of the financial levers that can help right now. 

“The case for Scotland being an independent country, with the full financial powers that would allow the Scottish Government to properly protect households, could not be stronger.”

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