Sensor Adjustments Required to Allow Torvean Bridge to be Fully Opened

The new Torvean Swing Bridge on Inverness’s West Link road was recently put into service by Highland Council and operated by Scottish Canals as part of the final stage of the commissioning process.

Initial snagging issues, out with the control of Highland Council or Scottish Canals, are not uncommon in developments of this size and complexity.

Once in service it was found that further adjustments to sensors were required to allow the bridge to operate as designed, particularly in fully automatic mode in tandem with the existing Tomnahurich Bridge, both bridges being operated from the recently completed control tower.

Torvean Bridge has been temporarily taken out of service to allow these adjustments to be made.

These will be done later this week, as well as training of additional Highland Council staff to support Scottish Canals during the early bedding in process.

A spokesperson for Highland Council, said:

“We fully understand the confusion or frustration these issues may have caused for users of the A82 in particular.

“We would like to thank road users for their understanding at this time and reassure everyone that we are working as quickly as possible to ensure the bridge returns to operation.

“In the short time the new bridge has been in operation it has demonstrated the real benefits that the tandem bridge option offers to users and the Council is confident this will be fully realised in the very near future.”

A spokesperson for partner organisation, Scottish Canals, said:

“Due to ongoing snagging issues, Scottish Canals operating staff have asked the Highland Council to leave the bridge open to boating traffic whilst they await specialist contractors to carry out remediation.

“As Torvean is currently closed to road traffic, operating protocols for the neighbouring Tomnahurich Bridge mean that it will remain open to road traffic during peak hours to ensure that travel is possible.”