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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Skye and Raasay Roads Capital Programme Agreed for 2022/23

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Highland Council Members today agreed the Area Roads Capital Programme for Skye and Raasay 2022/23.

The local allocations capital budget for 2022/23 remains to be established which will be calculated from the approved capital budget allocation being adjusted for any acceleration or slippage in the previous financial year for each area allocation, and analysis of the road condition survey results.

Consequently the 2022/23 area capital roads programme is based on the previous year’s budget, which is unlikely to vary significantly from the established budget that will not be determined until early Summer.

The capital budget for 2021/22 for the Skye and Raasay area totals £1,078,258.

In order to maximise productivity, gain efficiencies through volume, and minimise the impact and disruption to visitors and the public, a number of works sites within the 2021/22 surfacing and surface dressing programme were extended beyond their initial programme length resulting in an accelerated capital spend in the Isle of Skye and Raasay area in 2021/22. 

A consequence of the accelerated spend and for operational efficiencies it is proposed that there will be no surface dressing programme on Skye & Raasay in 2022/23.

A programme of overlay schemes will be augmented by permanent patching utilising the Patcher Pro (pictured) which is due to arrive on completion of the operator training scheduled during February.

The Ward Allocation budget is set to £100,000 per ward.

Only road or road infrastructure schemes are eligible.

Schemes are at Members’ discretion however the programme overlay scheme has accounted for the £100,000 allocation; any additional schemes proposed will necessitate the replacement of a scheme already listed.

Should the approved 2022/23 budget differ from the 2021/22 budget then the programme will be adjusted as appropriate.

Among the 15 overlay schemes works approved today by Members are:


Edinbane Loop Road

Portree – Bracadale

Hinnisdal – Balmeanach – Glenuadarach

Sligachan – Dunvegan

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