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SNP Manifesto Pledges to Introduce Highland Energy Rebate

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The SNP Manifesto, launched by First Minister John Swinney earlier today, has committed to “introduce a fair energy pricing and rebate scheme for Highlands and Islands residents, offering financial relief and offsetting the higher per-unit costs of electricity those residents currently face”.

This commitment follows SNP candidate for Inverness, Skye & West Ross-Shire, Drew Hendry’s campaign to introduce a Highland Energy Rebate which has gained broad support since its launch at the beginning of this year.

The Highland Energy Rebate campaign aims to create a rebate scheme for residents across the Highlands & Islands who contribute significantly to the UK’s renewable energy production, particularly for those in off-grid areas who cannot access cheaper energy alternatives.

Commenting, Mr Hendry said:

“This pledge shows the SNP’s commitment to getting a fairer deal for the Highlands.

“We live in an energy-rich region, yet we pay some of the highest energy bills in the country.

“More people here are living in Fuel poverty than anywhere else in the UK.

“That’s just not on.

“That’s why my campaign for a Highland Energy Rebate campaign has gained widespread support – across industry, the political divide, and most importantly, residents of the Highlands and Islands, all agree on one thing: it’s about fairness.

“By putting this campaign front and centre in the SNP manifesto, we’re sending a clear message to whoever the next UK Government is: Our region is not a cash cow for Westminster and energy companies.

“While we produce energy for the rest of the country, we are expected to pay higher bills for the privilege.

“This must change.

“We need fairness, not austerity.

“With the renewed trust of voters across the Highlands, the SNP will always fight for fairness and against austerity.”

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