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Sunday, December 3, 2023

SNP Demand Chancellor Use Energy Windfall Tax to Protect Consumers

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The SNP’s Energy spokesperson has urged the UK government to use the increased profits oil and gas companies will be making from the energy crisis to protect consumers and invest in a net-zero future.

Stephen Flynn (pictured), MP for Aberdeen South, has written to Rishi Sunak calling for the Treasury to use the increased tax receipts it receives from these firms to support people who will be facing soaring energy costs.

Commenting, Mr Flynn said:

“While people across Scotland are facing enormous rises in their energy bills, the Treasury will be raking in substantial tax receipts from the inflated price of gas.

“Governments across Europe are moving to access these revenues to directly support their citizens who are being hit by soaring energy bills and it’s absolutely something the Chancellor should consider.

“Rather than hoovering up these tax receipts in the Treasury, the Chancellor must act to support households being wacked by colossal rises in utility bills – if he doesn’t, then he will be dealing with a new winter of discontent.

“We can use these tax receipts to invest in our net zero future too, this is a golden opportunity to harness this increased Treasury revenue to finance a sustainable future for our energy sector and our energy security. 

“The time to act is now and the Tories have no time to dither and delay – it’s time to step up the plate and perform their moral duty to families the length and breadth of these islands.”

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