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Thursday, December 8, 2022

SNP Lead Call to Protect Post Office With Increased Funding

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SNP MP and Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Post Offices, Marion Fellows, will today lead a debate urging the UK government to protect the Post Office Network by ensuring it receives increased investment in the upcoming UK budget.

Speaking ahead of the debate, the Motherwell and Wishaw MP said:

“With the Budget approaching, now is the time for the UK Government to provide a multi-year subsidy for the Post Office so that Subpostmasters and communities have certainty and stability – especially given the full cost of the Horizon scandal is yet to be made clear.

“The Post Office has been put on a path of managed decline for many years – a disgraceful way to manage a valued public asset.

“Post Office staff are valued workers that have kept things going throughout the pandemic and the UK government must recognise that by investing in it instead of overseeing closure after closure.

“Closing Post Office branches can severely harm local communities given many local businesses and the most vulnerable rely on it for access to cash and other services.

“Many of the Subpostmasters I have spoken to have said they have packed it in, or will pack it in, as they simply cannot afford to live on the income they gain from running a Post Office.

“It is now vital that the UK Government provide the necessary funding and that Post Office Ltd agree to guarantee a minimum income for every Subpostmaster so their hard work pays off and running a Post Office becomes an attractive opportunity once again.”

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