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Friday, February 3, 2023

SNP Renew Calls for Multi-Billion Financial Package for People

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Resolution foundation proposals underline need for support.

The SNP has renewed calls on the UK government to urgently introduce a wide-ranging multi-billion financial package for people – as the Resolution Foundation published its proposals to immediately step up the economic response to the coronavirus crisis.

Neil Gray MP (pictured) backed proposals to extend Statutory Sick Pay to those currently ineligible and meet the cost of making it more generous.

The SNP Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary also backed the call for a new Statutory Retention Pay (SRP) scheme to keep people in employment, and for an increase in Universal Credit and other social security benefits to protect people’s incomes.

Last night, SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford MP wrote to Boris Johnson calling for a cross-party meeting this week – after the Prime Minister agreed to meet to discuss SNP calls for a financial package for people, including an emergency Universal Basic Income and increasing rates of Statutory Sick Pay to at least the EU average.

Commenting, SNP Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Neil Gray MP said:

“With thousands of people already being made redundant, and millions facing a threat to their jobs and incomes, it is vital that the UK government urgently introduces a multi-billion wide-ranging financial package for people.

“We must learn the lessons of the last financial crisis.

“Families have already been hit by a decade of austerity, with soaring rates of poverty and inequality – we cannot allow more people to be left struggling to get by as the coronavirus crisis hits our economy.

“The UK government must do whatever it takes to put money in people’s pockets, protecting jobs and incomes, and ensuring that people aren’t left struggling to support their families, pay their bills and keep a roof over their heads.

“The proposals by the Resolution Foundation must be taken seriously.

“As must cross-party calls to use the tax system to ensure everyone has access to an emergency Universal Basic Income, and Statutory Sick Pay levels that at least meet the EU average and are extended to all workers, including self-employed and lower earners.

“I urge the UK government to meet with opposition parties and urgently deliver this support as part of a wide-ranging multi-billion financial package to protect the incomes of all our people.”

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