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St Gerardine Primary School Raises Over £12,000 in the MFR Schools Cash for Kids Challenge

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St Gerardine Primary School had proudly secured second place in the Cash for Kids Schools Challenge, raising an impressive total of £10,234.29.

With an additional £2,500 prize for their achievement, the final amount raised comes to £12,734.29.

Nicola Green, Vicky Ingram, and the dedicated members of the Parent Council Fundraising Team have worked tirelessly over the past two weeks, organising a variety of fun and engaging events to raise money.

Their hard work has resulted in a significant contribution that will benefit the school and its students.

The fundraising events included:
• Family Quiz and Disco Beach Party
• Charity Shop in Lossiemouth
• Sponsored Danceathon with the whole school, featuring crazy hair
• Children’s Disco
• Bake Sale
• Father’s Day Shop
• Lucky Square Raffles

Additionally, some of the enthusiastic pupils helped at the local Co-op, showing the strong community spirit that St Gerardine is known for.

St Gerardine’s Headteacher, Claire Johnson, said:

“We are absolutely delighted with the outcome of the Cash for Kids Schools Challenge.

“The dedication and hard work of our Parent Council Fundraising Team, the participation of our pupils, and the overwhelming support from our local community have all been instrumental in this success.”

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