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Monday, May 29, 2023

Starmer Embraces Wrecking Ball Brexit in Carbon Copy Tory Speech

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Responding to Labour Leader Keir Starmer’s speech in London this morning, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said:

“Today’s intervention from Keir Starmer promised a decade of renewal but the reality is another decade of crippling austerity for Scotland from Westminster.

“The leader of the Official Opposition doesn’t only embrace the wrecking ball that is Brexit – he’s now stealing their campaign slogans.

“Meanwhile, Brexit is hammering Scotland’s economy in the midst of the deepest cost of living crisis in decades.

“Labour are now carbon-copy Tories on Brexit, the co-conspirators to hush up the true cost of Brexit.

“Today’s speech only confirms that the next General Election is a choice between two Tory Prime Ministers.

“Keir Starmer did finally acknowledge why people in Scotland voted Yes in 2014, yet he and his party continue to deny the democratic mandate for a fresh vote on independence.

“That’s exactly why Scotland needs the full powers of independence – to guarantee we get the governments we vote for every time and to deliver on our priorities and our values, which clearly differ from those at Westminster.”

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