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The Passion of Ducati Official Clubs and Sardinia’s Breath-Taking Landscapes

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73 participants from 24 countries around the world met in Sardinia for the annual event dedicated to the large family of Ducati Official Club presidents

The D.O.C are a reference point for enthusiasts worldwide and the World President Tour & Meeting represents an opportunity for Ducati to engage with its community, celebrate the journey made together and set new goals for the future

Ducati organized an unforgettable road trip experience for them in some of the most beautiful places on the island such as Olbia, La Maddalena, Stintino, Alghero and Bosa

One whole week dedicated entirely to the passion for Ducati.

This is the concept that gives life to the World President Tour & Meeting, the annual event reserved for the presidents of the Ducati Official Clubs, which in this 2023 edition brought together 73 participants from 24 nations on an itinerant journey through the splendid towns of Sardinia.

For Ducati, the meeting is an important opportunity to engage with the Ducati Official Clubs and their presidents, who represent true points of reference for the community of enthusiasts from all over the world.

Ducati organized for the 73 participants a seven-day on-the-road motorcycle travel experience to discover northern Sardinia, full of exciting routes and breath-taking landscapes.

The itinerary touched some of  the most fascinating places on the island such as Olbia, La Maddalena and Stintino and panoramic routes of delightful beauty, such as the spectacular Provincial Road 49 which connects the city of Alghero and the municipality of Bosa.

To tackle the succession of curves and incredible views of the sea, the presidents of the Clubs had at their disposal a selection of bikes from the Ducati range, from the Multistrada V4 Rally to the DesertX, as well as the Monster, the Streetfighter V4, the Hypermotard 950 RVE, the SuperSport 950 S and the Scrambler Ducati Icon.

Participants were able to test all the bikes, exchanging them along the way and discovering the potential of each model.

The incredible two-wheeled experience was also an opportunity to meet the Ducati management; Francesco Milicia, VP Global Sales and After Sales Ducati, opened the first day of the event, declaring: 

“The strong team spirit that characterizes the Ducati Official Clubs is truly extraordinary and always leaves me speechless.

“Their contribution to fuelling the passion for Ducati throughout the world is fundamental and an inspiration for the entire Company.

“Being a member of a D.O.C means being part of a large community of enthusiasts and living unique experiences together.

“In this World President Tour & Meeting we want to celebrate the wonderful goals achieved in the past year and set new ones to accomplish together, like a big family.”

The D.O.C community has 341 branches in 66 countries around the world, with over 38,000 members  who are proud to belong to the great Ducati family and who make the brand a true lifestyle.

Becoming part of a Ducati Official Club means meeting new friends with the same passion and the same creed, with whom you can share new experiences, discover unexplored places and take part in exclusive events reserved for members.

All the information on the Ducati Official Clubs, the benefits reserved for members and how to join are available on the dedicated page of the official Ducati website.

For all lovers of journeys on two wheels who want to have an experience like the one organized for the D.O.C presidents, Ducati offers the DRE Travel Adventures : experiences designed to intrigue, entertain and thrill motorcyclists from all over the world through the discovery of dream destinations riding Ducati motorcycles.

Further details on the experiences and the 2023 calendar are available on Ducati.com.

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