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Friday, September 22, 2023

Tories in Moray Must Show Leadership After Civil War

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At a meeting of Moray Council this week [Wednesday], the splits and civil war in Moray Conservatives was laid bare as the Council’s Tory Group were forced to reorganise their administration just 12 weeks after its formation.

This followed a vote of no confidence in one of their own co-leaders and claims and counterclaims about behaviour of Conservative councillors. 

Moray SNP Council Group and other non-administration councillors raised their serious concerns about the impact the last 12 weeks has had on the running of the Council and the main non-administration SNP group has urged the Conservatives to ‘sort themselves out and get on with the job’.

Following the meeting which saw the Council Administration move to a single Leader and the appointment of John Cowe as an Independent Civic Head, SNP Co-Leader Cllr Graham Leadbitter said:

“What we have seen in the last few weeks from the Conservative Administration is an absolute disgrace.

“Literally weeks after appointing co-leaders of their group and the Council they descended into a civil war, sacking one of their Co-Leaders and slinging allegations of bad behaviour between them. 

“All of this time the Administration has hamstrung itself, taking vital time away from addressing pressing issues like the Cost of Living Crisis, our response to Climate Change and supporting the health & wellbeing of our young people. 

“This has been a farce entirely of the Conservative Party’s own making.

“In short, the Tory Administration must now sort themselves out and get on with the job they were elected and are paid to do for the people of Moray.”

Speaking about the appointment of a new Civic Head, SNP Co-Leader Cllr Shona Morrison said:

“Whilst we have serious reservations about the Leader taking on the Council Chairing role, which was previously done by the Civic Head, as it is especially challenging to Lead debate whilst also chairing, we fully support Cllr Cowe in his new civic role. 

“The Civic Head will play a key role in selling Moray as a positive place to live, work in and visit.

“Promoting our amazing region is a core and constant job of work.

“The SNP will provide any support we can to Cllr Cowe.”

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