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Tories Vying to Outdo Thatcher

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The SNP has accused Rishi Sunak and the Tories of vying to ‘outdo Thatcher’ over controversial strike legislation set to appear before the House of Commons.

The legislation, which seeks to make it harder for workers to go on strike over pay and conditions, comes amidst a Tory failure to enter constructive talks with unions as a series of strikes hit England.

The SNP’s Glasgow South West MP, Chris Stephens, labelled the legislation ‘extreme’, and warned Scottish workers are in the firing line after consistent refusals from the Tories to fully devolve employment law to Scotland.

In a letter published at the weekend the SNP’s Westminster Leader, Stephen Flynn MP, called on the Labour Party leader to back giving Holyrood more powers, a move that would take the rights of Scottish workers out of the hands of the Tories.

Commenting, Chris Stephens MP said:

“Yet again Rishi Sunak and the Tories are vying to outdo Thatcher in their contempt for the workers who keep this country running, this time proposing a clamping down on the rights protecting hard-working staff.

“Square in the firing line are Scottish workers, who as a result of consistent refusals from Westminster to fully devolve employment law, face a stripping back of their basic rights.

“Extreme, heavy-handed legislation isn’t the solution to industrial disputes, getting round the table with striking workers is.

“Instead the Tories have declared open war on ordinary people fighting for better working conditions.

“The SNP Scottish Government has left no stone unturned to find a solution to disputes in Scotland, and not once have proposed legislation that would wholly attack the workers involved in industrial action – an approach the Tories should learn from.

“If Westminster continues ahead with their assault on workers, all while ignoring calls to devolve employment law, it’ll serve as a further reminder that Scots face constant attack from the Tories, a problem only the full powers of independence can solve.”

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