Rishi_Sunak, Tory chancellor

Tory Chancellor Set to Impose Austerity on Scotland Again

Tory Chancellor Rishi Sunak is accused of being one of the biggest threats to Scotland’s recovery as he is poised to impose years of Tory austerity on Scotland.

It comes after Sunak joined his boss Boris Johnson in denying the democratic wishes of the people of Scotland in the Scottish Daily Mail.

Earlier this year, the Chancellor who has previously said that austerity was ‘absolutely the right thing to do’ set out how he will return to years of Tory austerity, squeezing public sector pay and imposing cuts across the board. 

He has already failed to deliver on pay rises promised to NHS workers in England, whilst in Scotland the SNP is offering a 4% rise.

And last year Sunak refused requests to extend furlough for Scotland and Wales, risking necessary action on public health, only paying up when it was required in England.

Commenting, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said:

“The SNP is focused on steering Scotland through the pandemic and into our recovery.

“As we do so we will be faced with a question of who we want leading that recovery.

“We cannot trust the Tories to do the right thing for the Scottish economy, Rishi Sunak has already set out his post-COVID budget which will see a return to crippling Tory austerity.

“Scotland suffered ten years of Tory cuts, which plunged thousands into poverty and forced families to use food banks just to ensure they could put food on the table, we cannot afford to return to another decade of austerity.

“And no one will forget the insulting attitude the Chancellor took when it came to the needs of Scotland’s workforce, refusing for weeks to extend furlough when we needed it, only to do it immediately when it was required in England. 

“In that one action he showed that the Tories will always put the needs of Scotland last.

“As we look towards our recovery, returning to austerity does not have to be the only way.

“We cannot trust the Tories to keep Scotland safe and make the decisions that best suit the people of Scotland.

“In just three days, the people of Scotland will have a choice, whether to put our recovery into an austerity-obsessed Tory government or into our own hands by re-electing Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister with Both Votes SNP.”