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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Tory MP Admits No Brexit Benefits for Young Scots

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Young people will not benefit from Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal according to the Tories.

Addressing a virtual audience of young voters during BBC Scotland’s Debate Night, Aberdeenshire Tory MP Andrew Bowie said:

“Am I going to sit here and say that Brexit is perfect and that your generation is going to reap the benefits?

“No, I’m not – because you’re not frankly.”

When pressed further on whether the younger generation are going to reap the rewards of Brexit, the Vice Chair of the Tory party replied “not right now.”

During the Young Voters TV debate, Andrew Bowie also suggested his party would not respect democracy should Boris Johnson’s Tories lose the Holyrood election in May.

Last week, the Sunday National reported that Brexit is already financially impacting and limiting the chances of Scotland’s young students after the UK government controversially dragged Scotland out of the Erasmus scheme.

Commenting, the SNP’s candidate in Aberdeenshire West, Fergus Mutch, said:

“This Tory Brexit has ripped Scotland out of the EU against our will – limiting the opportunities of future generations.

“It’s too late for the Tories to finally admit that their Brexit disaster will hit young people hard.

“They lied to everyone across the UK for years and said it would all be fine.

“Boris Johnson swore blind that schemes like Erasmus were not under threat, and then the Tories went back on their word.

“Young people have so much at stake in this Holyrood election – tackling climate change, their future prospects and Scotland’s right to choose our own future.

“Denying them that opportunity is to deny democracy.

“For the right to choose our future as an independent, European country where young people are valued – not held back – make it Both Votes SNP this May.”

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