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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Tory MPs Must Bring Johnson Premiership to an End

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Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross, and his Westminster colleagues, must end their dithering and vote to bring an end to Boris Johnson’s premiership, but we shouldn’t expect a principled vote, Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie said this morning.

Commenting, Patrick Harvie said:

“It’s time for Douglas Ross, and his colleagues at Westminster, to finally do the right thing and bring an end to Boris Johnson’s utterly inept premiership.

“It is clear to the country that Boris Johnson should go, but realistically we can’t expect any kind of principled outcome today.

“Most of us knew that Boris Johnson was unfit for office long before he became Prime Minister.

“Tory MPs knew that too, but they made him Prime Minster anyway.

“This confidence vote will be made by these same people, who have always known the kind of man Johnson is.

“The only question now is whether enough of them think their own jobs are on the line and get rid of him out of pure self-interest.”

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