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Welcome and Enjoy The Highlands Responsibly This Spring

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With Spring and the Easter holidays upon us, The Highland Council would like to extend their welcome to anyone visiting the Highlands this Easter/Spring.

Visitors are very welcome across the Highlands; we are collectively responsible for keeping the area unspoiled.

The rural nature and large geographical spread of the Highland area creates many opportunities to travel and experience the dramatic scenery and unique heritage.

However, the historic landscape by its very nature is fragile and requires care, respect and protection to allow us all to enjoy the area for generations to come.

We ask everyone to enjoy the outdoors but to do so responsibly, bag up litter and take it home if bins are full. 

Do not leave bin bags at the side of full litter bins, not only is this unsightly and impacts communities and visitor’s enjoyment it is also a serious threat to wildlife and the environment.

As it is lambing season, please always keep dogs on a lead when near sheep.

Wildfires are not uncommon at this time of year; people should consider the negative impact and destruction even a small open fire or barbeque may have on the environment around them – leave no trace and create only lasting memories.

After a challenging two years, local businesses and the tourism industry across Highland are looking forward to visitors returning to embrace the rich Highland heritage and culture whilst contributing to the economic recovery of the area.

The Highland circular economy relies on holiday visitors.

Whilst the tourism and hospitality sector has experienced a significant loss due to the pandemic and will continue to be impacted by the loss of EU employees, it is also Highlands strongest asset to recovery across the region.

A time of change across the sector opens opportunity for those currently unemployed and for young talent to become involved in a growing industry.

The Highland Council, stakeholders and communities are collectively making significant changes to the infrastructure required.

Not everything that needs to be achieved in the Highlands to adapt to the increase in visitor numbers has been completed but over the last two years there has been marked improvement in areas such as: waste collection, public amenities, comfort schemes, parking and motorhome and campervan provisions, which will allow visitors to embrace the Highland experience responsibly.

The responsible tourism promise – Let’s Keep Scotland Special and Visit Scotland’s – Keep Scotland Unspoiled are key messages that are important for all to remember whilst enjoying the Highlands.

To find out more information about the Scottish Outdoor Access Code click here.

The Highland Council’s website has a dedicated section on tourism, where there are useful guides and links for visiting the Highlands, including public amenities, walks, journey planners, motorhome and campervan guidance.

The Highland Council wish you a happy and safe visit to the Highlands this Spring.

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