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Your Superconscious Superhealer Superhero Needs Your Help

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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ann Macdonald and I am one of Scotland’s few Transformational Therapists.

My aim is to assist with my training, experience, knowledge, skills and compassion to help us in Scotland be healthy so that each one of us has a healthy society to live in.

I am happy to say that I am not a doctor nor a medical professional, phew!

I come from a place of combination training and experience in working with people.

My concern is people; every single one of us is made to be healthy so we can BE PHENOMENAL.

When you are awake and alert, your conscious mind is driven by patterns of a lifetime that repeat about 95% of your thoughts and actions every day.

The scary bit is that the conscious mind controls 95% of what you think, say and do, when the conscious mind is only 5% of your total functioning mind.

The other 95% of your mind is your Superconscious.

Your Superconscious looks after you every heartbeat and breath of your life.

Your Superconscious is your own control centre in your own mind that operates every function in your being, easily, effortlessly, naturally, automatically and simultaneously.

The Superconscious is made of trillions of neurons that connect and carry intelligent messages.

Interestingly, our Superconscious starts in our heart as we have thousands of intelligent neurons starting the process of creating and pumping our blood round every part of our beings.

Our stomach also has thousands of intelligent neurons as part of the Superconscious System which sends messages that we perceive as ‘a gut feeling.’

Every one of our trillions of neurons in our Superconscious System exists to help us, to enable us to survive and to make us aware of danger, whilst at the same time protecting us from the overwhelm caused by too much stress, trauma and upset.

Our Superconscious literally has safety valves that shut down our ability to function to protect us from hurt and harm.

Our Superconscious really is our Superhealer Superhero!

Our internal Superhealer Superhero is truly phenomenal.

It is able to meet all our needs and desires, right down to being able to invent, create and imagine friends and social occasions in our dreams whenever we feel isolated, to stop hunger feelings when there is no food and give us superhuman strength and agility if we are in life threatening danger.

The problem is that our Superconscious Superhero has been programmed by absorbing experiences rather than processing them.

Until between the ages of 5-7, we were superfast learning sponges with a faster learning rate than we would ever have again in our lives.


Because the Superconscious was the boss of our minds until the Conscious mind developed enough to take over with its consciousness to reason, rationalise, make judgements and decisions.

In brief, our Superconscious minds have been operating on the same programmes that were wired into our brains when we were wee bairns.

Along the way, we unconsciously disconnected from hearing and working with our inner mind, our own Superhero, our own Superconscious; that knows all the answers we need and which can heal us super-fast as our own unique and individual special Superconscious Superhealer Superhero.

Children heal their pain and symptoms in seconds when a big person says – “Kiss it better” or “Magic it all better”.

Along the way, we looked outwardly for answers and healing, instead of inwardly, and like any skill, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

We stopped healing ourselves and acting in our own best interest.

When the body shouts symptoms at us, it is to get our attention to do something about trauma that is manifesting.

Our Superconscious Superhealer Superhero is desperate to work with our conscious mind for new upgraded instructions to work with.

Our Superconscious Superhero needs an upgrade.

We regularly upgrade our phones and tech stuff…and we know we have to clear out and upgrade our techy stuff or the functioning slows with stored stuff that is out of date.

The same is happening in our Superconscious mind; the 95% controller of all our functioning is needing cleared, cleaned, rewired, reprogrammed and upgraded to suit our needs.

Phenomenal Health and Wellbeing are achieved by our Superconscious and Conscious minds functioning together for our benefit on every level of our being.

In the next few weeks, here in the Highland Times, I am going to give you knowledge and suggestions to improve your Health and Wellbeing, so that you consciously think, talk, act, and direct your own Superconscious Superhealer Superhero to BE PHENOMENAL!

Exercise – Deeply breath ‘in clean’ and slowly breath ‘out stress’

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