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£25 Million Damages Action Against HIE Being Considered by The European Commission’s DGCOMP

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In 2016, Wendy Clark of Port Services in Invergordon raised a £25m damages action against Highlands and Islands Enterprise. 

Having been blocked from going to proof by the Court of Session in Edinburgh, Wendy Clark’s Damages action is now being considered by the European Commission’s DGCOMP. 

The action concerns alleged illegal state aid in the Cromarty Firth where her companies were forced into the hands of her competitor Global Energy. 

HIE continues to deny they were competitors.

Wendy Clark said:

“Last week I delivered almost 80,000 documents to HIE director, Sandra Dunbar.

“These documents prove that my companies, Port Services Invergordon and IFAB, competitively tendered for contracts worth hundreds of millions of pounds and that we competed directly with the Global Energy Group in the Cromarty Firth and beyond.  

“HIE continues to break state aid law by refusing to concede that we competed against Global Energy, despite the damning evidence. 

“These 80,000 pages prove HIE is wrong.

“HIE’s decision to fund the displacement of work and jobs from Invergordon to Global Energy in Nigg destroyed my family business; it has also damaged the Port of Invergordon and the Invergordon economy.

“Despite the malfeasance and falsification uncovered during this legal action before the Court of Session, HIE is now pursuing my company for £680,000. 

“This is to pay for HIE’s legal costs for covering everything up.

“So, my final act is to put Port Services into Administration, to protect it from the long knives at HIE. 

“This ensures our Case against HIE will proceed through the European Commission’s legal process.

“As a public body, I can only hope that HIE will do the decent thing, read the 80,000 documents and admit its guilt.”

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