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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Boris Johnson Called Out on Broken Promises to Oil Industry

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A group of North East politicians have demanded immediate answers from the Tory government regarding an Energy Sector Deal promised more than a year ago.

Scotland’s oil and gas industry has been left in the dark since Boris Johnson made the pledge in November 2019 – with a ‘perfect storm’ of coronavirus and a fall in oil price now leading to serious job losses in the sector.

Despite the SNP Government investing £62 million to support the sector in 2020, Boris Johnson’s Tory party has failed to commit to a single industry specific measure of support since making the pledge last year.

Now, politicians from across the North East have teamed up to call for direct action.

Commenting, Aberdeen Central MSP, Kevin Stewart said:

“For years, Westminster has milked the North East’s oil and gas revenues to line the pockets of the UK Treasury.

“The Tories might talk a good game at election time, but so far all we’ve had are empty words and broken promises.

“The success of our corner of the world is dependent on the success of the energy sector – the time for talk is over, we need to see the colour of the money now.

“The SNP took decisive action to support the industry with a £62 million cash injection this year, but now it’s over to Boris Johnson to put his money where his mouth is and support the sector in its time of need.

“Hardly a day passes without news of redundancies in the industry: if the Tories sit on their hands any longer then Holyrood should be passed the powers we need to support the industry properly.”

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