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Friday, September 22, 2023

Boris Johnson Privileges Committee Hearing

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Commenting after Boris Johnson gave evidence to the Privileges Committee, and following new YouGov polling showing 82% of Scots think the former Prime Minister is ‘dishonest’, SNP Westminster Deputy Leader Mhairi Black MP, said:

“This hearing was utterly excruciating for Boris Johnson, whose mask slipped under interrogation and whose absurd claims were exposed as not remotely credible.

“Most people watching will conclude it’s now beyond doubt that the Tory former Prime Minister not only broke the law but also deliberately misled Parliament.

“If the Privileges Committee does conclude that Boris Johnson misled parliament, then Rishi Sunak will have no choice but to withdraw the whip permanently – or he will show he’s weak, unprincipled and lacks the integrity to be Prime Minister.

“The growing stench of Tory sleaze and corruption shows the Westminster system is broken beyond repair.

“With the pro-Brexit, pro-cuts Labour Party little more than a pound shop Tory tribute act, it’s clear independence is the only way for Scotland to escape Westminster control and deliver the real change we need.” 

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