Ian Blackford MP

Call for Public Inquiry into Tory Texts for Contracts Scandal

Ian Blackford MP (pictured) has called for a public inquiry into the UK government’s ‘texts for contracts’ scandal following revelations the Prime Minister agreed in a text message to ‘fix’ a tax issue for billionaire Tory donor Sir James Dyson.

Following questions from the SNP Westminster Leader, Boris Johnson agreed to publish all personal exchanges on ‘covid contracts’.

The messages have come to light amid an ongoing row over lobbying in Westminster with widespread concern about informal contacts and lobbying between government and business after revelations the former Prime Minister David Cameron sent texts to the chancellor and other ministers on behalf of the failed finance firm Greensill Capital.

Ian Blackford MP said:

“The revelations surrounding the Prime Minister’s interference in Covid contracts are incredibly serious.

“Whether it’s ‘cash for questions’ in the 90’s or ‘texts for contracts’ during this pandemic – people know this is the same old pattern.

“This is how the Tories do government.

“The Prime Minister is at the very heart of this scandal.

“He had all the time in the world to fix contracts for a cosy club of friends and Tory donors but didn’t have any time to support the millions of self-employed.

“Those 3 million people didn’t have a David Cameron or a James Dyson to text the Prime Minister for them.

“They were on their own and they were left behind. 

“This Tory ‘texts for contracts’ scandal is growing more and more serious with every revelation.

“The Prime Minister was eager to initiate an inquiry into his predecessor David Cameron, he should be as quick to commit to a public and comprehensive inquiry into himself and his own government.”