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Monday, August 8, 2022

Call for Universal Basic Income to Prevent People Falling Through The Gaps

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An SNP MP has ramped up calls on the UK government to strengthen support for those in financial difficulty and to prevent more people from falling through the gaps, by urgently introducing a Universal Basic Income.

At PMQs, Dave Doogan (pictured) cited a constituent who had missed out on the furlough scheme due to Treasury rules.

The MP pressed the First Secretary of State Dominic Raab to come good on the UK government’s pledge to not leave people behind.

Last week, over 100 MPs and peers from different political parties across the UK came together and backed calls for a recovery Universal Basic Income.

Dave Doogan, the SNP MP for Angus, said:

“The Chancellor said of the UK government’s COVID-19 response that ‘we will not leave you behind, we all stand together,’ while announcing a financial package that did leave behind many of my constituents and people across the UK through his government’s refusal to introduce a Universal Basic Income.

“Time and time again we are hearing cases of people falling through the gaps in the measures brought forward by the UK government, including my constituent who could not be furloughed by his former employer and, because of Treasury rules, neither can he be furloughed by his new employer.

“A Universal Basic Income will go a long way to help people who are struggling through no fault of their own, put cash in people’s pockets, and ensure a strong economic recovery and fairer society.”

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