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Dalwhinnie Investment to Boost Resilience of Local Power Supplies

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Teams from Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) are carrying out critical work on the overhead power lines around Dalwhinnie, an investment project which will strengthen the local electricity network and reduce the risk of power cuts this winter and for many years to come.

The £100,000 investment involves the replacement of 49 wooden electricity poles and upgrades to the technology along a 46km route, with preparation work now under way before the main, five-week, phase of the project begins on 7 July.

SSEN is adjusting the way it works to keep its employees safe whilst ensuring a safe and reliable supply of electricity for its customers.

All engineering works and workplace activity are being undertaken in accordance with Government guidance, including the use of enhanced personal protective equipment with teams adhering to strict social distancing advice as they work.

SSEN Project Manager, David Carson, explains more about the work being undertaken and the benefits it will bring to local communities in the Dalwhinnie area:

“This critical investment is all about making sure our network is in the best possible condition for our customers, and with the potential for high winds across the Dalwhinnie area, it’s really important that the poles which carry our overhead lines are robust and resilient enough to withstand the gusts when they come.

“As well as replacing the wooden poles along the route, we’re also installing automated equipment which ‘talks’ to our main Control Room and lets the teams there know the exact locations of any faults which may develop; it also means they can now turn the power on and off remotely, which is a great help in getting our customers’ supplies back on as safely and as quickly as possible.”

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