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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Douglas Ross Called on to Remove Boris Johnson From Office Over Ministerial Code Changes

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The SNP ​is ​calling ​on Douglas Ross to break his silence over reports revealing that Boris Johnson has watered down the ministerial code and blocked a bid to give ethics advisors the power to investigate him.

The Scottish Tory leader has not commented since the revelations became public which has prompted SNP MSP ​Gillian Martin ​to ask ‘what will it take for Douglas Ross to say enough is enough?’

Whilst a ​​handful of Scottish Tories have called for Boris Johnson to go, Douglas Ross has made several excuses to defend the Prime Minister staying in office and not given any comment on yesterday’s concerning reports about rewriting the Ministerial Code. ​

However, a former Scottish Tory frontbencher, Professor Adam Tomkins, has said ‘This is disgraceful.

‘Corrupt and disgraceful.

‘A betrayal of everything Conservatives are supposed to believe about our constitutional democracy.’

Commenting SNP MSP Gillian Martin said:

“These latest actions from Boris Johnson prove beyond any doubt that the Tory Prime Minister has no remorse for Partygate, no respect for people across the country and no problem rewriting rules that are central to a functioning democracy so long as he can protect himself.

“It’s now vital to protect our democracy that he is removed as Prime Minister but, sadly, only Tory MPs have the power to make this happen.

“Douglas Ross has made a series of pathetic excuses to defend Boris Johnson’s lawbreaking and lying.

“Now the Prime Minister has stooped to a new low by rewriting the rules and blocking attempts for independent investigations into his conduct, and Douglas Ross has remained shamefully silent – what will it take for Douglas Ross to say enough is enough?

“Boris Johnson is threatening our democracy and we cannot let him get away with it – even former Tory colleagues of Ross, like Adam Tomkins, know it.

“If this does not push Douglas Ross to admit that it is time for Boris Johnson to go and resubmit his letter of no confidence then the Scottish Tory leader should be honest that nothing will, and the only way to be free of undemocratic Tory Westminster control is for Scotland to become a normal independent country.”

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