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Euro 2024 Face-Off

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VisitScotland uses national  icons to predict Scotland vs. Germany result  

After qualifying well for Euro 2024, Scotland is set to play against Germany today 14 June.

While you’re sure to see countless pre-match predictions featuring formations, potential lineups and managerial comparisons, you probably won’t see many comparing the countries’ national icons. 

To offer a unique and quirky perspective on the game to get people into the spirit, VisitScotland has put together a prediction that throws up some interesting projections across various categories. 

Round 1: Country size 

At first glance, Germany’s vast 357,595 square km seem to promise an easy lead over Scotland’s more modest 77,910 square km. 

After all, Scotland is only slightly larger than the combined area of Bavaria, Saarland, and Germany’s city-states. However, the competition is not that straightforward. 

Despite its smaller size, Scotland boasts a coastline more than ten times longer than that of Germany.

Along with its dramatic mountains and picturesque lochs, Scotland offers diverse and stunning landscapes packed into a compact area.

This proximity makes it easier to experience Scotland’s varied scenery without extensive travel. 

Given these factors, we conclude that round 1 ends in a draw.

Both countries score 1-1! 

Round 2: National animal 

Round 2 brings an exciting face-off between Germany’s eagle and Scotland’s national animal – the unicorn.

While Scotland takes great pride in its eagles, which can be spotted in the mountains, along the west coast, and on some islands, the unicorn is quite literally legendary. 

Scotland’s unicorn, a symbol of purity and power, graces many historic sites across the country. Visitors might be surprised by how often they encounter this mythical creature.

Given its legendary status, Scotland’s unicorn clearly takes the lead in this round. 

The score after round 2, Scotland pulls ahead, 2-1! 

Round 3: Highest mountain 

In round 3, Germany claims a decisive victory.

While Ben Nevis stands proudly as the highest mountain in the UK at 1,345 meters, it pales in comparison to Germany’s Zugspitze, which soars to 2,962 meters. 

Despite their smaller size, Scotland’s mountains offer fantastic challenges for hill walkers. 

VisitScotland recommends Munro bagging, which involves climbing as many of Scotland’s 282 Munros (mountains over 3,000 feet) as possible. 

Make sure to check out Ben More on the Isle of Mull and Ben Macdui, located within the Cairngorms National Park. 

However, even Scotland’s majestic Munros can’t overshadow the fact that Germany wins this round, leveling the score at 2-2. 

Regardless of the outcome on the pitch, the lively contest between Germany and Scotland can also be inspiration for visitors. 

To enjoy the full prediction, with battles including Loch Morar vs Lake Constance, and the number of islands in each country, you can check out VisitScotland’s Germany vs Scotland score prediction: https://www.visitscotland.com/things-to-do/landscapes-nature/germany-vs-scotland  

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