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Fans At The Game to Help Supporters Get Back in The Ground

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One of the UK’s leading digital LED advertising companies is to help supporters ‘get back in the ground’ through its brand-new product, Fans At The Game.

The Football Company has launched brand-new technology which will enable supporters from dozens of sports clubs across the UK to order a recyclable, waterproof cardboard cut-out of themselves which will be placed inside stadiums across the country.

New scalable technology will enable supporters to visit a club branded Fans At The Game website, take their picture, and place their order in less than three minutes.

Cut-outs will be produced, delivered and installed at the stadiums of all participating clubs.

The Football Company has partnered with Electrify Marketing & Communications to deliver a proprietary web app which will work on both Apple (Safari) and Android (Chrome) operating systems.

With games set to take place behind closed doors for many months, because of Covid-19, it is expected that clubs will be able to develop a valuable new revenue stream, engage closely with supporters.

In doing so, Fans At The Game will help clubs create a new ‘setting’ for the TV cameras.

The Football Company bring a vast amount of experience in sales and digital solutions, having supplied the UK football market with Ultra HD LED advertising, at over 135 football matches throughout the UK in 2019-20.

Their track records include: the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FA Cup, Scottish Premiership, Scottish Cup and international matches.

The Football Company works with some of the UK’s leading racecourses, too.

Kenny Wittmann, Managing Director at The Football Company said:

“We have seen the global attention that this type of project has generated in countries such as Germany, South Korea and Australia, and so we are delighted to launch this brand new, scalable technology.

“With our track record working with some of the biggest clubs and governing bodies in world sport, we are ideally placed to deliver a solution which we think will sweep the nation.

“What is important is that this is the first time that a single company has a complete end to end solution that will enable dozens of clubs across the UK to have their supporters ‘get back in the ground’. 

“We’re all missing live sport, and we know that supporters are desperate to get behind their clubs, and so we think this is a great way of channelling that passion.”

Ronnie Wittmann, Operations Director at The Football Company adds:

“We’ve worked to listen and understand how to make this as easy as possible for clubs who sign up to Fans At The Game.

“There are no upfront costs, we take care of the tech and sales process, provide a ready-to-go marketing toolkit for each club, and manage accounting and weekly payments to clubs.

“We also handle the distribution and the install at stadiums.

“We’re excited to see this come to life over the coming weeks as sport starts to return to the field of play.

“For fans, it’s one way of them being at the game, once more.”

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