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Forres Games Will Feature in French Documentary

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A French film director who dreams of competing in a Highland Games is set to feature the Forres Highland Games in his documentary.

Victor Bergeon battled tuberculosis twice and when in hospital the second time, he vowed to use his illness as inspiration to achieve things he might not have and came up with the idea of making a documentary series about his new found passion for extreme sport.

In a bid not to let his illness beat him, Victor created a bucket list of adventures and taking part in a Highland Games was one of the challenges.

Victor camps out in Les Gorge du Verdon where he overcame his fear of heights by becoming a skydiver.

The 31-year-old, will now attend the Forres Highland Games on July 6, alongside well-known professional heavyweight athlete Sinclair Patience who has been helping Victor realise his dream.

Victor said:

“I am very excited to be visiting Scotland and attending the Forres Highland Games.

“I first got tuberculosis in 2013 and it was bad, but after nine months I had recovered.

“However, I then got it a second time and the doctors could not explain why it happened.

“They said it shouldn’t have happened.

“Psychologically, this was very bad for me.

“I was thinking that I had been chosen to die at a young age.

“I had deep anxiety for many weeks.

“Eventually I saw a psychologist and this helped to change my outlook and it was then I decided to choose that my tuberculosis would actually help me lead a great life and to experience things I might not have done, had I not got it.”

Victor’s documentary, Voyage au Bout de L’effort is already streaming on popular French channel Canal+ and has already featured Victor climbing Kilimanjaro, taking part in the Iron Man, and skydiving.

He has also participated in the calcio storico in Italy which has been dubbed as the ‘most brutal sport in the world.’

As well as attending the Forres Highland Games, Victor also plans to visit the Inverness Highland Games on July 13 where he will compete in the heavy events.

“I have been weight training for many years and I am working hard now to get ready for the Games in Scotland.

“I didn’t know much about the Highland Games, but I am looking forward to learning about them when I am there and meeting the team in Forres.

“I am interested in the history and the culture.

“When I visit a place, I think one of the best ways to learn about it is through taking part and sport, so I am looking forward to learning a lot when I visit Forres and Inverness.”

Fred Davidson, president of the Forres Highland Games said:

“We are absolutely delighted that Victor made contact with the Forres Highland Games and we are more than happy to help him realise his dream of understanding and competing in a Highland Games.”

Fred added:

“We are also delighted that the Forres Highland Games will be featured in his documentary.

“We always knew that the Games have worldwide appeal by attracting an audience from across the world and now our games are set to become part of this wonderful and inspiring story.”

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