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Independence is The Only Way to Escape Corrupt Westminster System

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Independence is the only way to “escape the broken and corrupt Westminster system”, the SNP has said, after a damning new poll highlighted public anger over the boozy lockdown parties at Downing Street and movement building in favour of independence.

The poll by The Scotsman found that a majority (54%) believe that the partygate scandal has hurt the case for the Union.

It revealed that support for independence was also two points higher than in October, while opposition to independence dropped by two points.

The survey, carried out by Savanta ComRes, also highlighted almost four in five (78%) Scots think Boris Johnson should resign over the lockdown parties held at Downing Street.

Commenting, the SNP’s Westminster Deputy leader Kirsten Oswald MP (pictured) said:

“The boozy lockdown Downing Street parties is just the latest scandal to grip Westminster.

“Boris Johnson’s position as Prime Minister is untenable – the public know it, his MPs know it, and he knows it.

“The reality is that getting rid of Boris Johnson alone won’t fix the problem.

“Corruption and scandals are part of a wider culture of Westminster entitlement and contempt for the rules.

“This new poll – highlighting the scale of public opposition to the corrupt Tory government and movement in favour of independence – is another reminder that only with independence will we be able to escape the broken and corrupt Westminster system.

“People are rightly furious that while we were expected to follow the rules, Downing Street was openly and repeatedly flouting them.

“The Tory government is too engulfed in scandal to get on with the day job of dealing with the pandemic and tackling the cost-of-living crisis hammering households.

“People in Scotland are looking on in horror as corruption and chaos grips Westminster.

“Only with independence will we be able to get on with the day job and protect people’s interests.”

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