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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Johnson Under Fire Over Latest Cash for Access Scandal

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Boris Johnson’s Tory government is “driven by rampant corruption and cronyism”, the SNP has said today, after damning revelations that Downing St officially referred a festival idea from the very same Tory donor who was funding Johnson’s lavish flat revamp.

In an exchange of texts between Boris Johnson and Tory donor Lord Brownlow, Johnson said that he was “on the great exhibition plan” in the same message as asking for cash for his taxpayer-funded flat.

Just two months later, Lord Brownlow secured a meeting with Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden.

The Prime Minister’s deputy spokesman said:

“As is quite usual, when any suggestions such as this are put forward it’s right that it’s passed on to the relevant department to take forward.

“And as you’re aware, Oliver Dowden met with Lord Brownlow and the Royal Albert Hall on the joint proposal.”

Commenting, the SNP’s Deputy Westminster leader Kirsten Oswald MP said:

“Boris Johnson is stumbling from one scandal to the next.

“These damning revelations once again show that his government is driven by rampant corruption and cronyism.

“The Prime Minister may believe he dodged a bullet over Lord Geidt’s inquiry, but these text messages shine a light on the cash for access scandal at the heart of Downing Street.

“In any other country or government, casual text exchanges between a Prime Minister and a party donor asking for cash for a lavish flat revamp in exchange for access to government and favours would be called out as blatant corruption.

“Whether it’s dodgy donations for holidays, peerages for party donors, wallpaper for government access, public money for lucrative contracts, or texts for tax breaks – Boris Johnson is at the very centre of it.

“Rather than focusing on the challenges facing ordinary families such as the pandemic and the Tory cost of living crisis, Johnson’s priorities are driven entirely by his own self-interest.

“With each scandal, the walls are closing in on Boris Johnson.”

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