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Lidl Launches Children’s Colour In Trainers for £6.99


Lidl is helping shoppers jazz up their kids’ style with Colour-In Trainers available now for just £6.99.

A perfect indoor activity for children, watch as they transform these blank canvases into their very own – and truly unique – masterpieces, with their favourite colours.

Whether they choose to go for a statement monochrome look, or something more colourful, the possibilities are endless, and with Lidl’s Colour-In Trainers, children’s creativity is sure to be ignited.

Available in children’s sizes 7-13, each pair comes with a comfort tongue and ankle padding for extra support.

To adjust the width, each pair is also designed with hook and loop fastener.

So, Lidl shoppers can rest assured that their little ones will feel good, whilst looking good.

Also available in Lidl’s new Kids Collection is an Animal Blanket (£7.99) which features a soft and fluffy lining for getting cosy. 

The Animal Blanket comes in three different designs, a Mermaid with a glittery tail effect, a snuggly Elephant, or a striking Zebra motif.

Each of the eye-catching Animal Blankets takes the shape of the chosen animal or mystical creature, allowing kids to snuggle up in style.

Available now, savvy shoppers can pick up a pair of customisable trainers or a fluffy Animal Blanket while stock lasts.

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