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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Local MP Urges Highland Businesses to Register Employees as Furlough Deadline Looms

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Drew Hendry MP (pictured) is reminding businesses that the deadline to register employees for furlough is looming with the scheme due to close for employee registration on the 10th of June.

Under the current furlough scheme, employers will permanently lose the chance to take advantage of the scheme if their employee is not registered for furlough by the 10th of June.

Mr Hendry, who is also the SNP Westminster spokesperson for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy is urging employers to get their staff registered before the deadline.

The furlough scheme was set up in the wake of the Covid 19 crisis to protects 80% of staff wages via UK Government funding.

Earlier this month the Chancellor announced an extension to the furlough scheme to the 31st of October but as things stand, employers must have employees registered by the 10th of June if they are to receive furlough pay.

Mr Hendry has written to the Chancellor to ask for the deadline to be extended, highlighting that businesses will need flexible support over the coming months.

“While the introduction of the flexible furlough from the 1st of July will help some businesses starting recovery, the fact that new employees would need to be registered by the 10th of June make this unworkable.

“The deadline for registering new employees also needs to be extended if not; we will see yet another group of people shut out of support because of arbitrary red tape.

“The Chancellor needs to ensure the furlough scheme works for businesses, and I’ve urged him to review this deadline and his plans for a blanket approach to employer contributions.”

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