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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Scots Water Bills Cheaper Than Privatised Tory Run England

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New figures show that households in Scotland are better off under the SNP – with water bills 11% lower than in England and Wales where the water industry was privatised by the Tories.

The figures from the independent Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe), show the average water charge in Scotland is £369 a year – while the privatised water industry in England and Wales charges an average bill £415.

The year on year increase in bills is also higher in England and Wales than Scotland.

Commenting, MSP Tom Arthur said:

“Once again the Tories have been caught out – these figures expose their rank hypocrisy on tax and show just what the public get from a Tory government.

“Despite all the rhetoric from the Tories, the facts show their right-wing policies are a much greater burden on the cost of living for ordinary people.

“The SNP are absolutely committed to protecting household budgets – by keeping Scottish water in public hands we’ve ensured bills are lower than the spiralling costs of the privatised industry in England and Wales.

“Under the SNP, this key public service will always remain in public hands – ensuring value for money for ordinary Scots.” 

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