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Six Consecutive Polls in Favour of Independence

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The SNP has welcomed a sixth consecutive poll showing a majority in support of Scottish independence

The latest poll, conducted by Panelbase for The Sunday Times recorded support for independence at 52% with don’t knows excluded.

Commenting, the SNP’s Depute Leader, Keith Brown MSP said:

“Six consecutive polls have now shown a majority for independence, representing a growing strength of feeling in Scotland the Tories would be wise not to ignore.

“The chaos and calamity we see being produced by the Tories at Westminster that have seen mortgage rates rise, inflation soar and energy bills reach record levels, is making more and more people realise that the safest and best option for Scotland is a permanent escape with the full powers of independence.

“Both Labour and the Tories will wreak even more havoc on Scotland as they continue to deny the disastrous consequences of their failed Brexit obsession and persist with their Trumpian denial of Scottish democracy

“The people of Scotland have demonstrated their support for a referendum, having delivered the largest ever majority of pro-independence MSPs in the 2021 Holyrood election. 

“With each new poll released the position of the Westminster establishment parties becomes even more untenable – Scots must and will be given the opportunity to decide their future.”

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