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Monday, February 6, 2023

SNP Chief Hails 12,500 Extra Members in March

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SNP campaign director Keith Brown (pictured) says the party’s 12,500 new members that have joined this month shows the SNP is ‘fighting fit’ as it goes into the election campaign.

By month end, the SNP is on track to match in new members the total Scottish Labour membership of 16,467, four times the Scottish LibDems membership (4,085) and more than double the Scottish Greens membership (6,412).

The Scottish Tories refuse to say how low their membership has sunk.

Mr Brown also announced that the party’s NEC has agreed to hold a summer conference.

And this weekend the SNP will be asking members and supporters to share the Bairns not Bombs digital campaign leaflet which contrasts the differing priorities of the SNP led by Nicola Sturgeon with Boris Johnson’s Tory Government.

He said:

“We are a party and a movement powered by our mass membership.

“The fact we’ve had 12,500 new members sign up this month is a massive boost as the election nears.

“Our new members’ input at the summer conference – that NEC has confirmed today – will be invaluable as we drive the case for independence forwards.

“At the coming election, the SNP offers a safe, steady, and experienced hand to steer Scotland’s recovery from the pandemic.

“And we’ll offer a better, fairer, more prosperous future for our country with a post-pandemic referendum.

“The choices about Scotland’s future will be in Scotland’s hands – and not those of a bumbling Tory PM.

“Boris Johnson and his Tory cronies don’t care about Scotland.

“Their priorities are all wrong.

“While they are wasting hundreds of billions of our money on more nuclear weapons, we are focused on giving Scotland’s young people the best start.

“With the baby box, the child payment, more free hours of childcare, free school meals and no tuition fees it is clear to see the SNP’s priorities are bairns, not bombs.”

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