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Starmer Confirms Support for a Hard Brexit

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The Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer made it clear he wasn’t interested in listening to voters in Scotland on the damage of Brexit as he confirmed his determination to keep the UK out of the EU and the huge European Single Market.

Despite saying he wanted changes to Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, he lined up behind the disastrous main elements of the deal: ruling out the possibility of rejoining the single market, the customs union or re-implementing the policy of free movement which is so important for Scotland.

Commenting, the SNP’s Europe and EU Accession spokesperson, Alyn Smith MP said:

“Labour are singing from the same hymn sheet as the Tories – they both support a hard Brexit, which would see us outside of the Customs Union and the world’s largest single market – which is seven times the size of the UK – thus ignoring Scotland’s wishes and interests.

“Labour have let Scotland down time and again.

“As well as signing up to a raft of Tory policies, Labour have followed the Tories down the Brexit rabbit hole and it’s people and families struggling with the cost of living who are paying the price. 

“Scotland overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU, we were dragged out against our will and now households across Scotland are suffering the consequences, with a substantial part of food price inflation down to Brexit.  

“Independent countries in the EU that are like Scotland are fairer and wealthier than the UK. With all our resources and talents: why not Scotland?

“It is now crystal clear that the only way back to the EU is for Scotland to become an independent country.” 

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