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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Sunak Skewered Over Ludicrous Brexit Claim

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The SNP has challenged Rishi Sunak to retract his extraordinary claim that the rising cost of living in the UK has “got nothing to do with Brexit”.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, Stewart Hosie MP questioned Mr Sunak’s attempts to deny Brexit is damaging the economy and living standards at PMQs yesterday.

In the week the UK marked the third anniversary of Brexit, the SNP Economy spokesperson called for Mr Sunak to commission and publish fresh UK government analysis of the impact Brexit has had on the UK economy, trade, public services and cost of living since 2016.

It comes as Bloomberg analysis suggests Brexit is costing the UK £100billion a year in lost output, and the IMF forecasts the UK will be the only major economy to shrink in 2023.

Commenting, SNP Economy spokesperson Stewart Hosie MP said:

“Brexit has been a disaster for the economy and living standards.

“It has cost the UK billions, damaged trade, and increased costs for businesses and consumers.

“It’s one of many reasons that people want Scotland to become an independent country – so we can escape Westminster control and regain our place in Europe.

“There is a conspiracy of silence between the Tories and pro-Brexit Labour Party to deny the serious long-term damage Brexit is doing to the economy. 

“With Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer ludicrously denying reality, and ruling out any return to the EU or single market under Westminster control – it’s clear independence is the only way for Scotland to escape Brexit and build a stronger economy in Europe.”

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