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The Great Fuel Pump Price Rip Off

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It has to stop, and it has to stop now!

The fuel supply chain is deliberately not passing on the huge oil price crash values and wholesale price falls to retailers at the pumps.

FairFuelUK calls on the Government to act to reduce the unnecessary and opportunistic fuel cost pressure on drivers, small businesses and our essential logistics industry.

Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign says:

“Wholesale prices of diesel and petrol have plummeted.

“Pump prices have not followed suit anywhere near.

“The gap is growing by the day.

“It is more than shocking that in this time of an unprecedented health crisis, there are businesses deliberately holding back beneficial prices at the pumps.

“The unscrupulous fuel supply chain must be held to account, with an independent PumpWatch price monitoring watchdog being put into practice NOW!”

Pump Prices should be at least 15p per litre lower NOW!

The Government must act to help hard pressed drivers, who are now being advised not to use public transport and put PumpWatch into action.

Since Christmas: Fuel supply chain businesses have increased profit from drivers when they fill up, by 266% for petrol and 183% for diesel.

One independent forecourt retailer has sent FairFuelUK their current fuel supply offer from his wholesaler.

It is unequivocal proof the fuel supply chain is deliberately holding back massive falls in wholesale prices to motorists.

He says:

“Spot market distributors – some adding 5ppl (when normally 2ppl) saying they are using their ‘old stock’ – never happens when the market goes up.

“Weekly prices are reported circa 83.67p unleaded / 88.92p diesel – with a current reported daily for delivery Thursday – 78.6p unleaded / 86.7p diesel yet my supplier has just quoted me 90.45p for diesel.”

Oil, Wholesale and Pump Prices Update – Since Christmas,

Oil has fallen by 51% in Sterling

Wholesale petrol has fallen 29% yet retail has only fallen 2%

Wholesale diesel has fallen 21% yet retail has only fallen 5%

Since Christmas, the Average family car using petrol is paying £11 more to fill up their tank than necessary.

Since Christmas, the Average family car using diesel is paying £8.25 more to fill up their tank than necessary.

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