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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

The Tories Have Shown They Have Zero Respect for Devolution

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Mhairi Black MP (pictured) has said the Tory government has shown it has zero respect for devolution after it was revealed it hasn’t held a COBRA meeting for over a month – despite a number of decisions having been made across the UK during that period.

In today’s Scottish Affairs Committee Session, Scotland’s Health Secretary said she “can’t understand” why there hasn’t been a COBRA meeting on the coronavirus crisis since the 10th of May and revealed that the Scotland Office has failed to reach out to her at any point throughout the pandemic.

Commenting, SNP Shadow Scottish Secretary and Scottish Affairs Committee member, Mhairi Black MP said:

“The Tories’ have shown they have zero respect for devolution by failing to hold a COBRA meeting on coronavirus – a meeting to facilitate a ‘four nation’ approach to responding to the crisis – for over a month.

“It also speaks volumes that Alister Jack has been the invisible man during this crisis.

“The fact that the Secretary of State for Scotland has failed to reach out to the Scottish Health Secretary raises serious questions as to what exactly his department does to justify its expensive price tag to taxpayers.

“The UK government’s complacency and negligence is jaw-dropping.

“A number of important announcements have been made across the UK since the 10th May yet Boris Johnson hasn’t felt the need to hold a meeting that would allow all four nations to engage on how best to respond to the crisis.

“The SNP and Scottish Government has been working constructively with the UK government during this health emergency and we will continue to do so – but this becomes difficult when the UK government isn’t playing ball.

“The UK government – including the Scottish Secretary – needs to get its act together quickly and start taking steps to facilitate the ‘four nation’ approach it keeps talking about.”

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