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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Tories Must Invest in Young People To Prevent Lost Generation

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Chancellor urged to rule out another damaging decade of austerity.

The SNP has said the Tory government must invest in young people to prevent a “lost generation” after the coronavirus crisis – as a new report warns entry-level jobs for students and school-leavers are being slashed.

The Institute of Student Employers (ISE) report warns entry-level jobs will be reduced by almost a quarter (23%) this year, while internships and placements will drop by forty per cent (40%).

SNP Intergenerational Affairs spokesperson Amy Callaghan MP (pictured) said the figures underlined the need for the Tory government to rule out imposing further austerity cuts following the coronavirus crisis – and instead invest in young people to stimulate the economy and save jobs.

Commenting, SNP Intergenerational Affairs spokesperson Amy Callaghan MP said:

“The coronavirus economic crisis is the worst in living memory and could result in a lost generation unless we invest in our young people to prevent them being hit hardest.

“The Chancellor must rule out any return to Tory austerity cuts following the crisis – and instead commit to investment to stimulate economic growth, save jobs, and protect people’s incomes.

“Students and young people are already losing out on opportunities because of coronavirus and Brexit – we cannot afford another damaging decade of Tory austerity on top, which would reduce jobs, incomes and living standards even further.

“The UK government must look at specific action to protect apprenticeships, training opportunities, and encourage graduate and entry-level job opportunities.

“The SNP will continue to press the UK government to provide comprehensive financial support during this crisis – and to ensure the right economic response to secure a strong recovery.”

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