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Thursday, August 18, 2022

UK Government Running Down The Clock Towards Devastating Brexit

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Tory contempt for devolved governments grows.

Responding to Michael Gove’s statement in the House of Commons on the stalled Brexit talks between the UK and the EU, the SNP’s Pete Wishart MP said:

“The Tory government’s refusal to heed the dire economic warnings and seek an extension to the Brexit transition period – to protect the economy, jobs and people’s livelihoods – is a reminder of its reckless plans to put ideology ahead of reality.

“The Tories are dragging Scotland head-first towards a Brexit disaster – threatening our economy with the growing risk of a devastating bad deal or a catastrophic No-Deal outcome.

“Rather than working constructively with the devolved governments, the Prime Minister has instead shown complete contempt – side-lining their interests and tearing up any pretence of a ‘partnership of equals.’

“Instead of playing politics, the UK government must seriously engage with our EU partners and secure the extension on offer to allow us to focus our efforts in tackling the health pandemic and ensure a strong economic and social recovery from this crisis.

“The UK is already facing the worst economic crisis in decades – with businesses on the brink and unemployment soaring.

“Meanwhile, Scottish Government analysis has revealed that ending the transition period in 2020 could remove £3 billion from the Scottish economy in just two years – on top of the impact of coronavirus.

“It’s clearer than ever that the only way to protect Scotland’s economic interests and our place in the EU is to become an independent country.”

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