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West Link Project on Track for Completion in Spring

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The West Link project is expected to be completed this spring, with the opening of a second bridge over the canal greatly anticipated.

Stage 1 of the West Link Project was completed in December 2017 and Stage 2 began in 2018.

This phase of the project was originally planned for completion by the end of 2020, however the site was forced to close due to COVID-19 restrictions for a number of months.

This has inevitably meant a delay in completion, with the project expected to be completed around the end of May 2021.

Work is currently underway in installing the second bridge over the Caledonian Canal.

The engineering work has been modelled in 3 D on computers and the complex installation is now at the stage of making minute and detailed adjustments to the mechanism in situ, to bring the bridge perfectly into alignment.

A community liaison meeting was held yesterday evening to bring the local community up to date with the project.

Chair of the Community Liaison Group, Cllr Graham Ross said:

“I would like to thank the commitment of the volunteers involved in the community liaison group who have represented a wide variety of organisations over the last 5 or 6 years of the project.

“Their input has been extremely valuable over the whole project and has ensured that there has been excellent communication between the Council, the contractors and the community and helped with public relations throughout.”

Leader of the Council, Margaret Davidson thanked staff for all their work in bringing the project to its final stage.

“These have been remarkably difficult circumstances over the past year and I am grateful to all the staff and contractors involved in keeping this important project on track.

“It is very exciting to see the swing bridge now in its final stages of construction.”

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