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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Winter Action Plan Needed to Fight Tory Poverty Pandemic

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Ian Blackford MP (pictured) has called for a winter action plan to fight the “Tory poverty pandemic”.

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions, the MP criticised the UK government’s impending cut to Universal Credit, saying “if any Scottish Tory MPs have a backbone – now would be a good time to find it.” 

The SNP Westminster Leader put Boris Johnson on the spot by asking how much the average nurse will lose a year as a result of Tory cuts to Universal Credit and social security since 2010 – which is a staggering £1,736.

Research by Action for Children shows that if low-income families are to recover from the financial impact of Covid-19 and manage in the long term, the UK government must make the £20 a week increase to Universal Credit permanent, in addition to boosting child-focused benefits and ending the benefit cap and two-child limit.

Commenting, Ian Blackford said:

“Once again, this UK government is cutting the income of key workers – the very people we are relying on to see us through another difficult winter.

“We’ve just learned the rate of inflation has reached its highest level in a decade.

“For ordinary workers and families, that means prices are going up at the very moment when they can least afford it.

“Workers and families need more than just a winter plan for covid – they need a winter action plan to fight a Tory poverty pandemic that is only getting worse.

“The cost of living is spiralling, and people are being left with a Prime Minister who doesn’t know how much his cuts are hitting key workers; and a Secretary of State for Welfare that doesn’t know how Universal Credit works.

“If any Scottish Tories are in possession of a backbone – now would be a good time to find it.”

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